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5 A brilliant romantic comedy
By Patrick Thompson
Now this is how to do the genre!
This is brilliantly funny, poignant and tender, but never insipid (the director is Australia...so insipidness is definitely out) movie. Matthau is truly fantastic as Einstein, as are his three sidekicks (especially Godel! and the tree that likes to eat their stuff!) as they try to maneuver the two leads together and remove the Lesser Professor, a.k.a the rat man, Chimp Pimp, etc from the picture: the stuffy english fiance of Meg Ryan's Character, played perfectly by Stephen Frey. Of course the Lesser Professor is trying to hang on to Meg Ryan's character and expose Tim Robbin's character as a fraud because of his new found friendship with Einstein and the secret paper they're working on so Tim Robbin's character can impress Meg Ryan's character with 'his genius' because that is what she looks for in a man- a genetic hope of making genius children so she, lacking in her own confidence, can achieve through her children. MEg Ryan's character is Einstein's niece.
I can't understand how Matthau didn't get a best supporting actor nomination for this movie! He is so good, as is all the cast: they fit perfectly, especially the 'four boys'.
The story is fairly linear but well paced. It does deal with a lesser theme of self belief, being yourself, and sexual equality and that brilliant men can be have brilliant women as their equal, or betters. The main theme is not letting the brain rule the heart too much, and to be happy. And that some things-love- defy science!
I can't think of any movie like this one. Its unique, clever, witty and subtle at times (especially the humor: Einstein on a motorbike going wah-hoo...very cool!). So if you like your movies sophisticated, wholesome, honest, stylish and not contrived then you definitely want to see this one! The cinematography and 'fifty-ness' is fantastic!
Definitely 5 stars! More even...!
DVD is very plain: just the movie. No added features or even bio's for that matter. But with a movie this good, who needs them? The picture and sound quality are top notch.

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5 Wa Hoo
By C. Ivie
Longer ago than I care to remember I had the great fortune to meet Einstein. I was an under grad in college when he made one of his unannounced visits to the campus. Walter Matthau captures the professor brilliantly and his humor and wit come through in this film. Einstein's interest in motorcycles and his love of sailing are portrayed lovingly and the very human side of the great man is illustrated with fidelity and humor. It is always on my list of ten favorite films.

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5 This Movie Is, Like, Jivin'!
By Zon Mundhenk
I have to confess.....I love this movie. I think I've watched it over 300 times, and I'll probably watch it another 300.
Say what you want to about Meg Ryan being too cute, about the plot being predictable, whatever. I think it's just....jivin'. It's a neat love story, about the actions of boy meets girl, fate and love, and Albert Einstein's convertible. Throw in a comet and a few wacky physicists, well, it's just pure fun. I wish to heck I could find the score somewhere; the blend of do-wap and Mozart is as much fun as the movie itself.
I'm prejudiced because Tim Robbins is my favorite actor, but all the acting in this goofy, off the wall film is top-notch. Though it's not one of the late Walter Matthau's most famous roles, I personally think it's one of his best, and I can't think of anyone better to play the eccentric Albert Einstein.
One of the most beautiful things about this film is the accuracy of the set and costumes. Not just Meg Ryan's picture-perfect 50's dresses, but the buildings and vehicles, and especially the heavily wood-panelled bungalows favored by the rich during the late 50's; they're so time-perfect you can almost smell the Lemon Pledge.
Incidentally...look for one of the funniest performances in one of the experiments by Meg Ryan's movie fiance, "Excremental Psychologist" James Moreland. I'm not sure who the actor is, but in the background of his lab is a student driven psychotic by a "time deprivation experiment", and his physical humor and antics are about a thousand times better than anything from SNL in the past decade.
By the by, this makes a perfect date movie, and is mild enough for kids...but still fun for adults. It's just all around terrific, and a great buy.

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But first what were the baby-boomers coming out of after WWII? Let's take a look at England and the culture of their freedoms.
Now we can take our journey through the 'Sixties' and the influence of the culture changes from technologies being invented.
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5 Comprehensive
By N. Austin
This is the ten part series (8.5 hrs) produced by CNN. Having lived that decade and watched the series on CNN, my wife and I eagerly awaited the DVD. Yes it is just DVD not Blu Ray but the source material is lower def anyway. The series is voice over archival footage. Pre-ordered and got the discs 2/17/15. No extra material just the shows. I highly recommend this series for those that lived this decade and for those that didn't but want to understand what shaped the baby boomers.
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Then we had the music from the 45 rpm single of The Beatles 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'... Now We Have Blogging!
And here is the beginning story of The Beatles and the music... and in The Ed Sullivan Shows here...

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5 The Holy Grail of TV Rock
By Maclen
If you're here looking at this DVD chances are the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show is meaningful to you. This is ground zero for modern Rock music, sure Elvis popularized Rock `n Roll, but this is where everything switches from singles to Albums and later to an Art form. The performances speak for themselves; the Boys are in fine form and in spite of the antiquated, very primitive sound system they sound great. This new version of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVD has been improved, the picture is brighter and a bit more clean, the 5:1 surround sound is quite good. If you're playing this through a surround sound system, the sub-woofer handles the bass parts very nicely with little or no audible rumble, the vocals are clear and the overall presentation is quite remarkable especially considering the circumstances. A must buy for anyone of a certain age who wants to bask in the glory of the old days, and for newcomers who want to see what the fuss was all about. If you have the original SOFA release and you don't have a surround sound system, the old version will suffice, if you've got the Surround Sound, then spring for the new one, it's worth the investment. You should'a been there.
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And even in cartoons for several countries and languages... we have The Beatles stories!
All the way to The Animals and so much more of the 60's broke out in culture waves!

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5 The Animals (5 CD Set)
By J. R. Nathaniel
The truth be told, I am of the opinion that the best lineup of The Animals blues and rock band was the early lineup. Which consisted of Hilton Valentine, John Steel, Chas Chandler, Alan Price and the Greatest White Blues Singer of all time ERIC BURDON. All the CD's are great. It was really great to hear the Album called "Animal Tracks" on CD. There is no deviation from the original sound as far as I am concerned. The free t-shirt was great too. Nice and large for us old grey cats from the fifties and sixties. I dare any of this generation's rockers to buy this collection and experience the real deal when it comes to white classic rock. As a black man, I am tell'in you these white boys had soul.
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The Television came to maturity and the power to bring the cultures into action through activeness and connections in their causes...
Remember 'I Have A Dream' by MLK Jr.
My Eyes Have Seen The Promise Land!

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5 Most effective speech ever
By A Customer
I have heard reference to this famous speech many times over the years but I had never seen the entire speech. After seeing the entire speech for the first time it was easy for me to conclude that this is the best speech ever given by any public speaker with respect to: -sense of urgency created -references for all stakeholders -appropriate emotion and sincerity -skillful use of voice (tone, inflection)
I recommend this speech to anyone who is interested in seeing a very skillful speaker. In addition, the subject matter of the speech is moving and relevant to many of the issues facing America today.

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The King continues to speak to the movement of freedom... and the waves of blogging about it all...  our cause! - Start Yours!

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The Top Of The Journey Stories… DVD – Customer Reviews for ‘Further’… the story.
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5 Great movie
By Scott W. Avery
The catch about this movie is that it is different and it shows a lot more about the adventure side than the technical tricks and flips behind some movies. I know that the riding is very technical, but I enjoyed it more for the back story of how long it took to get to certain places and what conditions they must endure for a unique experience. I found it to really hit a deeper part of the “calling” in me that is the endurance athlete and adventurer and I’m glad I bought the movie. I read that there will be a third movie so I can’t wait. One thing I’d like to really also acknowledge is the family sacrifice that Jeremy makes to do these movies. I’m his age and have children that appear to be similar in age and when I see how he stays gone for such a period of time to do these scenes, I really respect that level of commitment. Glad I bought the movie and I can support the continued adventures.

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Most helpful customer reviews

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4 Evolution VS Creation on the Big screen!
By Johnny
God’s not Dead part 2! Well, it could have been called that. ;) Whether you believe in Evolution or call it Science, or whatever you think you know about Evolution, there is a very heated debate going on in this world. Just go on youtube and you can spend a lifetime listening to debates on this subject. Extremely heated on both sides wherever you look. This debate is going anywhere. While I won’t turn this into an evolution discussion on the accuracy, it’s very very important to all who study evolution to know exactly what people mean by evolution. Some text books are more accurate than others, some take it to a level of a “theology” more than a scientific inquiry. In either case, Evolution to many Christians is a major threat to the creation story of Genesis and that’s what this is about.

IF anyone saw God’s not Dead, you can put this in the same department as that movie. A student goes to a public secular college and goes to a Biology class that teaches Evolution theory. This student, starts losing her faith and then her dad steps in to debate the professor. That’s basically the main gist of the film. I find the acting well done, not as B grade as I was expecting. Truth be told, I just came across this trailer on Facebook, so I didn’t evne know it existed. Far as I know, it went straight to DVD, not in theaters. The main character, played by Jordan Trovillion who was in Jack Reacher, plays her role nicely and is a very beautiful actress which seems to enjoy the role she is in. After her dad learns she is taking a class from an evolutionist, he goes to the professor and the professor eventually challenges this father to a public debate at the college. This of course brings tension between the father and the daughter and things get pretty interesting. The Biology professor is played by actor Harry Anderson. Some might recognize him as he is best known for the role of Judge Harry Stone on the popular television series Night Court. He plays his role well and just like in God’s not Dead, the professor is made out to be the bad by some of the actors. Although I’d say, his kinder nature kind of deters from God’s not dead’s approach. He’s likable and interesting to listen to. I won’t give away what happens at the end, but those who have faith, never threat, if you know God is real and Genesis is real, then the debate is over. If you’re an atheist, then more power to you, I won’t question your beliefs if you question mine, on either side of the table, I think both sides would get something out of watching this. God bless to all.

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5  What a great film!
“I spent 37 years teaching, all but 1 in rural and public schools, and all I can say is WOW!! What a great film.”
— MP
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The Genesis Story has an overview that can help...
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Rock N Roll Music Reviews and Product Warehouse
for Led Zeppelin – Reviews!

Here is a vinyl album from the fan room of a Led Zeppelin student trying to help the vibe… you
can find yours in the warehouse on CD, DVD, and digitally mastered products from the rock band
of the “Physical Graffiti” masters!

Do you like the British group Led Zeppelin? – Find more in the Amazon site.

Product Details: http://astore.amazon.com/rollingstonesnow-20/detail/B002J67DB2
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
Directed by Sexy Intellectual
Price: $2.99

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Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Ships from and sold by Amazon Video On Demand
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Product Details

Amazon Sales Rank: #5477 in Movie
Released on: 2009-02-11
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Running time: 91 minutes

Customer Reviews
Most helpful customer reviews

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4 An insight look at Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” by the outsiders
By Lawrance M. Bernabo
The bit after the colon in the title of “Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti: A Classical Album Under Review,” serves to indicate that this is not a DVD where you get to hear Led Zeppelin talk about the double-album that is considered to be their best effort, but one where journalists, critics, and the like do most of the talking. There are some clips of Led Zep playing songs from “Communication Breakdown” to “Kashmir,” but except for one clip of John Bonham talking about their music and a couple of snippets from an interview back in the day with Robert Plant, the band lets their music make the case for them. So have your CD of “Physical Graffiti” at hand (or the vinyl version so you can enjoy the art design), because just getting a taste of some of these songs is not going to be enough after watching the DVD.

The thesis of the review is that this 1975 album is that it represented every aesthetic element of Led Zeppelin’s career, traced all the way back to when Jimmy Page was playing with the Yardbirds; Chris Dreja, one of the other guitarists in the group is one of the talking heads here, and sounds in on Page’s creation of his new group. Also sounding in on the album are author Nigel Williamson (“The Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin (Rough Guide Reference)”), rock journalist Malcolm Dome (“AC/DC: The Encyclopaedia”), author Dave Lewis (“Led Zeppelin: The Complete Guide To Their Music”), and author Neil Daniels (“Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & The Solo Years”). The only talking head who was actually there at the creation is Ron Nevison, who was an engineer on the album, but there is Maggie Bell, formerly of Stone the Crows, and one of the first artists signed by Led Zep to their Swan Song label.

The look at the fifteen songs on the album basically goes chronologically, but more in terms of when they were recorded than how they appear on the album. So we being with the seven songs that had been recorded for the group’s previous three albums, “Led Zeppelin III” (“Bron-Yr-Aur”), “Led Zeppelin IV” (“Night Flight,” “Boogie with Stu,” and “Down by the Seaside”), and “Houses of the Holy” (“Black Country Woman,” “The Rover” and “Houses of the Holy”). The second half of the DVD is devoted to the eight tracks Led Zeppelin recorded at Headley Grange in early 1974: “Custard Pie,” “In My Time of Dying,” “In the Light” (where Rooskby makes the case for John Paul Jones being responsible for some of Led Zep’s riffs, e.g., “Black Dog”), the funk of “Trampled Under Foot” (which became a rare Led Zep “single”), the good old rock ‘n’ roll of “The Wanton Song,” the introspective “Ten Years Gone,” “Sick Again” (think “Almost Famous,” from which there is a clip), and finally “Kashmir” as the quintessential Led Zeppelin song. The case is made that since “Kashmir” comes at the end of side two it is the halfway point of the album, but I have to say that when I bought the album it ended up being the last song because with vinyl you play sides 1 and 3, then flip and do 4 and 2.

For me the best insights come from guitar expert Rick Rooksby, who pulls out an acoustic or electric guitar as necessary and Rooksby plays “Down by the Seaside” to show how it was clearly inspired by “Down by the River” by Neil Young and makes the song like it could have come off of “Harvest.” Then he turns “The Wanton Song” into a cabaret jazz number. The review relishes being able to trace these songs back to their origins, showing how “Boogie with Stu” does not simply go back to “Ooh My Head” by Richie Valens, but back to “Ooh My Soul” by Little Richard. “In My Time of Dying” goes back to Blind Willie Johnson’s “Jesus, Make Up my Dyin’ Bed,” which was covered by Bob Dylan on his debut album. As for the charges of plagiarism that have been brought against Led Zeppelin, Rooksby points out that the blues contains myriad examples of borrowing, and that when the basic materials are 12-bars played with three basic chords, similarities are inevitable. Lewis chimes in by noting things have come full circles with lots of groups taking Led Zep’s riffs without attribution today.

There are some interesting insights from the others as well. Dome argues that the group did not have the greatest musicians in the world, but the greatest musicians in the world for Led Zeppelin, and Nevison argues that Bonham always followed the lead guitar rather than the bass, which made for a unique approach to a rhythm section. Both the previous five Led Zep albums and the group’s tense relationship with the British critics are examined as setting the stage for “Physical Graffiti.” The profile on manager Peter Grant is a bit overlong to make the simple point that he took care of everything else so that the band could focus on the music, but overall you find out some interesting things about each of the songs on the album. The more you know about music the less you will probably be impressed by what you find here, but for us regular folks this was a pretty informative “review. ” The extras on this DVD are pretty sparse. Nevison talks about his work on the Who’s “Quadrophenia,” and there is a 25 question trivia quiz about the album (fair warning: listening to the documentary does not provide all of the answers).

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5 Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Album Ever!
By George Fernandez
I found this documentary fascinating & very well done. The first 20 minutes was a recap of how Zep came to be which if you’re Zep Head you’ve already gone thru this many times before. The last 60 minutes is the “meat” of the documentary, I like how each song is broken down by several Rock critics, the Engineer who did most of the work on the Epic Double Album & a very intuitive guitar teacher who has written several books on guitar playing. I like how they bring out the origins of each song & how they became the finish product. I especially liked the guitar teacher actually demonstrating guitar chords of some of the songs. It really shows the “Genius” in Jimmy Page’s guitar playing & how intricate some of those chords really are. An avid guitar player would have trouble putting some of those chords together. That’s what makes Jimmy Page so incredible. It also shows how great the other players were & as a whole made the Band without a doubt the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band ever & it’s not even close! I would put this right up there with “How The West Was Won” DVD set. I would HIGHLY recommend buying this awesome documentary.

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
4 Very Good Overview of Zep’s Best Album
By Tommy Tandori
There’s no doubt in my mind that PG was Zep’s finest hour – 4 sides [vinyl junkies] of out and out sonic head music – incorporating funk, folk, blues and rock n ‘ roll. This dvd goes through every track included on the record and breaks down the structures, the stories behind the songs, includes behind the scenes footage and tells the story of the album’s production with the engineer / co-producer at Headley Grange, Ron Nevison. A really neat film and some beautiful digi style packaging to boot.

More reviews available in the Amazon site link!

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