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Is it possible for poverty to be broken, busted and destroyed by an effort an... 'idea?'
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Most helpful customer reviews

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5 Poverty, Inc. is a Must-see for Anyone with a Heart for the Poor
By Josh
I was introduced to the idea that our good intentions don't always have the intended effect by When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. My eyes were further opened as Poverty, Inc. showed just how harmful those effects have been in perpetuating poverty rather than alleviating it. Poverty, Inc. doesn't stop there, it gets to the root of our disappointing efforts which is the mental framework upon which the current aide industry is built. It was humbling to see that the subconscious attitude of superiority that many of us have has translated into a system of aide that assumes the same. The system ends up sustaining poverty by undermining the efforts of the poor rather than supporting them in their own endeavors. There is no single solution to poverty, but the lack of large scale progress from favoring the current aide system should cause us to step back and reevaluate. Poverty, Inc. is the primer to start that evaluation.

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5 Riveting. Loved it.
By ad357
I was lucky to get a sneak preview of the documentary last weekend. The movie presents a compelling story of how the business of fighting poverty is hurting the very people it's supposed to benefit. It was refreshing to hear this message directly from those affected by the actions of NGOs and the western world. The documentary does a wonderful job of deconstructing the incentives of all the players in the ecosystem. It exposes flaws in the current approach taken by a majority of the charitable programs.

I have always been a big believer in "Don't give a man a fish, teach a man to fish". This movie provides some serious evidence to support that school of thought. It further dwells on the next big question--How do you ensure ongoing access to a pond, once someone has learned to fish? The documentary pulls you in right from the beginning and keeps getting better!

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Most helpful customer reviews

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5 Phenomenal tool for those wanting to make a difference
By Amazon Customer
Having spent the past ten years focused on mobilizing people to engage with those living in poverty, I have never been more encouraged by the amount of energy seen in the 20 something generation. Key to it producing the fruit that we all desire is right thinking resulting in tried and true application, much of what has been absent in generations past. I have found no better tool for understanding the `why' and the `how' than the PovertyCure. It is a must see and must share for those who desire to make a significant impact.

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5 How do we solve poverty in our lifetimes?
By C. Thomas Davis
How do we solve poverty in our lifetimes? Perhaps if we just sent more direct aid to those who need it, we could make strides toward wiping out poverty. But trillions of dollars in aid has resulted in little real progress over the last several decades. What we need today is a new paradigm for fighting poverty. A paradigm rooted in the ideas and practices that releases the poor from their circumstances. PovertyCure leads the way in teaching leaders and aid organizations how to design, implement, and measure real poverty solutions. As the CEO of an organization that uses aid as one way to alleviate poverty, I am excited to use the PovertyCure principles with our staff in nine countries. The principles of economic empowerment and local ownership have the power to transform a generation currently stuck in poverty--and partly kept there because we have continued to promote aid instead of true poverty solutions.
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5 Raises some very important issues
By Steve T
The basic idea of How the West Was Lost is that Western democracies (especially the US) are basically throwing away all the advantages they built up in the last century. Asian countries are going to dominate not because they are better...but because we are being stupid. I don't agree with all the book's arguments, but I think it raises some very good points.

The best points are about what the author calls misallocation of both labor and capital. What this really comes down to is bad incentives. I think Moyo's argument that the US puts way too much emphasis on real estate is dead on. Building homes or fancy commercial buildings does not really create much innovation as compared with investing in industry or technology. Yet, real estate has always been THE way to get rich, and the investment capital flows accordingly. The result is inflated home and property values instead of new job-creating industries.

Moyo makes a similar argument about labor. She emphasizes sports stars, but I think a better example is Wall Street attracting so many smart people that could otherwise do something more productive. And then there's real estate again. How many people have jobs in construction, real estate agents, loan agents, title companies and everything else? Now of course, a lot of those bubble jobs are gone. I live in the SF bay area and know at least one person with a PhD in engineering who left working in tech to become a real estate agent back in 2005 because she could make so much more money. That is true misallocation of talent.

One important issue is how the incentives for the people at the top help create these problems. As she says, the West is transferring critical technology to the Chinese, but this is happening mostly because the CEO can get a huge bonus by creating big profits in the short run by giving into the Chinese government's demands. The long run will be somebody else's problem.

The other point she doesn't get at all is the rate at which technology is changing and how it might completely shake things up in the future. I work as a developer in artificial intelligence, so I am very aware of this issue. For example, a lot of China's industry will probably become much more automated quite soon (as manufacturing in the US already is now). That will make it very hard for them to create enough jobs to keep the population satisfied, and that could be a game changer for our assumptions about China.

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Most helpful customer reviews

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
5 Excellent documentary
By Anyman999
Well done documentary. They summarized many basics of capitalism in a very coherent way (almost school-like). I like the fact that they point out the history of how the economy has gotten us to where it is now and the been abuses done at our expense, but without all the negativity. They didn't make it about placing the blame, it was more constructive and educational by making sense of a lot of pieces to the economic puzzle we may have known but not (until now) been able to put them all together as well as pointing out ways that could correct it.
21 of 25 people found the following review helpful.
5 Fantastic documentary!
By hizerjason
I can't believe no one has reviewed this documentary? I wish everyone could see it! I highly recommend watching it! This isn't one of those fear-mongering, conspiracy-theory, doomsday documentaries. Instead, it's just good old brilliant common-sense that involves a solution to a major problem.
Considering the sometimes complicated subjects discussed, this documentary is very easily explained. Not in a dumbed-down way, on the contrary, it is still quite academic. I think it has to do with the superb way in which it is produced and edited.
Do yourselves a favor and check it out! You'll be glad you did.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5 Bad Banking - Unending War - Scheduled Poverty - Resource Exhaustion
By Everyone's_a_critic
There's your Four Horsemen. Absolutely worth viewing. Many so-called documentaries start with a predefined premise and then bend the facts to fit the film maker's point of view. This one does not fall into that trap. It's well organized, well summarized, and worthwhile people are interviewed. The film keeps your attention while setting a context for why the world is in the state it's in.

Here is some supporting material that I have found of value the past few years:

Inside Job Inside Job
Margin Call Margin Call
The Big Short (not released yet)

Too Big To Fail

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
The Death of Money - Jim Rickards The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System
All the Presidents' Bankers: All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power

The Prepper's Guide To Economic Collapse Survival: The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System
The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America: The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America--and What We Can Do to Stop It
Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy: Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy
The Public Bank Solution: The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity

See all 270 customer reviews...

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5 Awesome and worthwhile!
By Amazon Customer
Great overall film about solar. Very well balanced, good video quality, a very diverse overview of supply and demand sides of the industry. I liked it a lot.

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5 ... understand how we can solve 2 of the world's greatest problems at the same
By Amazon Customer
A must watch because we all need to understand how we can solve 2 of the world's greatest problems at the same time

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