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I was born in Ireland 1938. Since 1960 I have lived in Wales. The last time I had a flu jab was in November 2003. In January 2004 I had one of the worst attacks of flu ever. I had to stay at home for a month. A year later my doctor, referring to my age, advised me that it was time I had another jab. I said that I had decided to give up flu jabs for good. He became really concerned and asked for my reason. I told him that my jab in November 2003 was followed by one of my worst experiences of flu ever. He replied that that did not prove that the jab in November had caused me to get such a bad bout of flu about 6 weeks later. I agreed but went on to point out that neither had it prevented my contracting such a serious illness. He could not answer that challenge to the hype about the necessity of having a shot every year. In spite of receiving a courteous reminder in November each year since then that there is a flu jab waiting for me I have had no jabs since November 2003 and neither have I contracted flu. Why no flu jab has meant no flu in my case is a matter for the medical profession and for the makers and purveyors of those pointless and unnecessary flu shots.

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